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Crew Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Crew Skills is the crafting system in SWTOR. Instead of the players character his companions are those who craft items in the game. The player gives orders for Gathering, Crafting or Missions. His companions are those who get him the materials. Then they can be assigned to different crafting tasks by the player, who knows the schematics of certain items. Up to 5 companions can craft on the single crafting station in his ship.

Those who don’t like crafting can enjoy the Missions system, where his companion go to Diplomacy or Treasure Hunting mission (two other categories will be revealed later).

Those who want to become the most famous crafters on the server can achieve that through acquiring rare schematics and be among the few that can craft this particular item. The hard core crafters might choose two gathering skills and one craft. They can assign their companions for gathering and crafting tasks up to 23 hours.

Gathering includes Bioanalysis, Scavenging, Slicing and one unknown yet. Crafting can go into Artifice, Armormech, Biochem and 3 unknown yet. Missions can be Diplomacy, Treasure Hunting and 2 still unknown.

For more information on the topic visit: http://www.swtor.com/info/systems/crew-skills.

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