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GameStar Magazine – skeptical about SWTOR

2010, November 30 9 comments

I just finished reading two articles in the GameStar magazines – GameStar XL (01/2011) and GameStar MMO Magazin (Dez 2010). Both are in German. The first article written by Petra Schmitz is the more skeptical one. They are actually two articles grouped in one big preview about SWTOR. In the first part she predicts that SWTOR will have big financial difficulties, because of the big money invested, and the needed number of players over certain time just to return the investment – the whole thing looks impossible to achieve. But I’m not worried about that part. The most important second part of the interview had some good and bad news about the game. I’m going to translate everything from both magazines and put it on the official SWTOR forums for all the fans to read it in English. But here are some important points I got from both journalists.

Remember those are their personal opinions and impression. But they had 6 hours time to play the game. Petra Schmitz played the Jedi Knight, and Stefanie Kautschor played the Jedi Consular. They were able to level up to level 7 and reached the point where they finished the questing on Tython and were sent to Coruscant, where all classes end after their starting planets. Apparently we are going to see some updates about those classes in December and may be even in the coming Friday update on the official site.


According to them the story is great, the dialogs too due to the voice-over and the cinematic experience. Although they found the quests dull, because they had to kill only one creature through all Tython quests over and over again – the Flesh Raiders. Additionally they found the AI for the flesh raiders to be very dumb – hence they whole experience was without challenge, because it was easy kill. They could not group together, because they had class specific quests, or rather the Jedi Knight could not enter the flashpoint for the Jedi Consular. Further they find nothing innovative in the way how the mobs are dispersed in small groups and when you kill them new ones respawn for the next player. Typical for any MMO.


This was recently revealed on the official site and GameStar had nothing new to reveal there. But they found the idea for Crew Skill cool. So, they like this aspect of the game.


This was the big shocker for me. According to Petra Schmitz SWTOR is going the path of Warhammer Online and their battlegrounds. But the statement that “an open PvP system where Jedi and Sith, Smuggler and Agent, permanently and everywhere could punch the nose of their rivals is not planned yet.” Under a small picture from the Alderaan warzone I read small text “The PvP in the Old Republic is only in instanced warzones.” From other developer interviews before I personally understood that SWTOR will have Open-World PvP. But now I’m very disappointed. I still hope that this is some kind of misunderstanding. May be they draw such conclusions because they didn’t have open-world PvP fights during their hands on time. I hope that is the case. Because if SWTOR doesn’t have Open-World PvP from day one – it will be one of the major disappointments for many fans.

Some small details

The Jedi Consular was Twi’lek – according to Stefanie Kautschor – an ugly one. She writes in her article that he looked more like Shrek. Petra Schmitz writes also that they both didn’t like the character creation system, but in the same time their characters were premade. How they found out what the character creation system is – I don’t know.

You buy your skills – which Petra Schmitz finds funny, since the Jedi are not about selling knowledge about the force for profit. But they understood the need to prevent inflation in the game by finding way to get back the money that players looted in the game world. Nothing new and unexpected here.

There are reveals about the story for the Jedi Knight and the Jedi Consular. But whoever is interested in those details have to read my full translation of those articles (when I’m ready to post it). Here is the link to the SWTOR forum thread.

I really hope the skepticism  of those journalists is exaggerated, or at least BioWare fixes those issues before release. And most important – we all expect Open-World PvP. If there is none from day one it will be a much bigger disappointment then the rail shooter type of space combat.

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